Zion's Hill United Methodist Church in Wilton, Connecticut; a Joyful Community
Zion's Hill United Methodist Church
Thursday, February 22, 2018
A Joyful Community.

This Week's Hymns


Those unfamiliar with the hymns we'll be singing next week may hear them via YouTube links,
many of which have the lyrics following along with the melody.  

(NOTE that we don't always check the video against the hymnals, 
so there are occasions when they don't match!  for which we apologize.)

Any hymns with numbers over 2000 are found in the Black Hymnal, "The Hymns We Sing."
Those above 3000 are in the Green Hymnal, "Worship and Song."
All others are found in the red "United Methodist Hymnal." 


February 18, 2018

  Introit:     #2112 Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley






  Opening Hymn:           #269 Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days
 Hymn of Preparation:        #3045 Down by the Jordan
This is the tune for this hymn: different words will be found in the green hymnal, and are below:

Down by the Jordan

1. Down by the Jordan, a prophet named John was baptizing,
Preaching a message the people found bold and surprising.
"God will forgive! Show that you'll change how you live!
Surely God's new day is rising."
2. There by the river, the crowd came with great expectation:
"Are you God's Chosen One, sent here to rescue our nation?"
"No!" John replied. "He who is mightier than I 
judges and offers salvation!"
3. Jesus, you went to be baptized along with the others,
Taking your place among sinners, God's lost sons and daughters.
Then with great love, God's spirit came as a dove!
Your work began in those waters.
4. Here in the Church, we are baptized and filled with God's Spirit. 
Freed and forgiven we're welcomed with joy! Can you hear it?
This is God's sign! This is how God says "You're mine!" 
Let's take the good news and share it. 
 Closing Hymn:        #140 Great Is Thy Faithfulness